Fresh Hot Smoked – The Original Hot Smokers pride ourselves on our ability to consistently provide unsurpassed "traditionally" hot smoked salmon to our many customers on a daily basis. Using King Salmon farmed in the pristine waters of New Zealand's south Island we are able to ensure that only the freshest and best quality hot smoked salmon is delivered to you.

King Salmon is specifically used for its extra firm flesh, consistent colour and high oil content. By selecting to use King Salmon we are able to guarantee no dyes, hormones or chemical enhancers are added to the salmon. When harvested, the salmon is treated in a gentle and humane way before being packed on ice and flown to Brisbane, with no delay! We also prepare a wide range of other delicious foods including but not limited to Smoked Chicken and Brisket.

We work closely with our neighbouring brewery, to grant you the privilege of experiencing amazing, food, beer and entertainment, all in the one place. So you’re a Moreton Bay local? Visit our store today! Just click the link below to be redirected to our address, market locations and times, and to see what restaurants are currently stocking Fresh Hot Smoked products.

Unit 5, 9 Flinders Parade, North Lakes, Qld, 4509

Not a local, or just not feeling up for a drive? That’s ok, we also deliver! Fresh Hot Smoked can deliver to any person or company between XXXXX and XXXXX. If you’d like to place an order online, just click the link below to be redirected to our online menu.

‘When it comes to smoking food, there are two processes you can use – cold smoking, where food is put into a smoky environment, and hot smoking, which adds a heat source and produces incredible tasting results.

On arrival at the Jan Powers Farmers Markets, your nose is likely to twitch with anticipation as you catch a whiff of smoked produce. Weaving through the market stalls, the closer you get to its source, the more you will be enticed to seek out its contents. Fresh Hot Smoked – The Original Hot Smokers prides themselves on their ability to consistently provide traditional fresh hot smoked salmon to eager market dwellers each week… …The salmon comes in three unique flavours – dill, Italian blended herbs and hot chilli, and the salmon can be the feature of any number of dishes such as in a pasta or an omelette, in sushi rolls, on a pizza or crumbled through a green salad.’ Kathryn Lindgren - The Weekend Edition